Novin Shahroudi

I am currently studying MS in "Computer Science, Data Science" at the University of Tartu in Estonia. Practicing Deep Learning in different fields with interest in practical and fundamental AI, ML, RL and MAS.

Signaling Heroes

Ericsson challenge on SS7 protocol for classification of messages as attack/non-attack.
[HackJunction, Helsinki, Finland]

Time Series Forecasting

Apply ARIMA, SARIMA, ARIMAX and holt-winter family of models on two different time series.
[Course Project]

Pommerman X

Developing an FFA agent for pommerman reinforcement learning competition.
[Computational Neuroscience Course Project]

M4 Forecasting Competition

Experiments with deep learning and devising a simple method.
[Special Course in Machine Learning]

Sign Language Classification

Applying PCA for dimensionality reduction and LDA, and QDA for classification.
[Multivariate Analysis Course Project]

Restaurant Visitor Forecasting

Time-series forecasting using Recurrent Neural Networks with LSTM
[Data Mining Course Project]

Music Generation using Midi Files

Learning textual representation of music pieces using RNN-LSTM.
[Neural Network Course Project]

Evolution of a Multi-joint Creature in Unity

Simulation and optimization of spatial parameters in Unity3D using genetic algorithm.
[Algorithmics Course Project]

Multi-agent Cooperation of Robots in RoboCup SPL

Design and Implementation of Behavior Control System of Nao robot in soccer game using in C++. Voting and time-optimal task assignment and behavioral algorithms.
[Nao Humanoid Robot Lab.]

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